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Characters, Contact and Application Information

Dec. 7th, 2010 | 05:46 pm

Sorry, at this time Lightning is no longer accepting applications. We are gearing up for the conclusion of Lightning Strikes But Once sometime in July or August. However, many of our current writers shall be returning after the release of book seven for a new role-playing project. Check back for details in the coming months.

Below is a current list of taken characters (their pbs can be found here, and a readers guide for each is being compiled here). Any characters not listed are open. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at lightning.mods@gmail.com, or leave a comment. Comments will be screened for privacy. Thank you!

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Getting Started Once Your Character Has Been Approved

Jan. 27th, 2006 | 08:39 am

In order to get you started we need you to set up a character journal and have that journal join both our main community board and the event board (where we run group events that will take several days to play out so that we can link to the mostly finished product on the day the thread/party/event is to go live).

We also ask that your personal LJ join our plot community where we post plot discussions, information from the mods and anything OOC that needs to occur. Post your f-locked character sheet here as well as on the actual character's journal. We prefer not to have character journals on the plotting board.

As soon as membership is approved, please read the Rules and leave a comment to let us know you've read and are familiar with the requirements of the game. Then update the Contact List with your information. You will especially want to update your Yahoo IM information, as most of the plotting (and goofing off ) occur over YIM in private conversations and group chats.

In addition, please ensure that at least one icon on your character's journal has your character's name on it. This will be the icon that represents your character on the cast page. We will also need a short bio (please see the other bios here for examples of what we are looking for) provided by you for the cast page as well.

All new characters go through a 30 day trial period from the day they first appear on the board.

During that time the mods might offer suggestions or ask questions to make sure the player is enjoying the game and the character is fitting in with the rest of the cast. After 30 days the part will be assigned permanently or the moderators or the player can say it's not working out.

The game moderators - Devs (devsgma on both LJ and Yahoo), Tif (tifsuz on LJ and tifsuz26 on Yahoo), DC (missmiah on LJ and darnedchild on Yahoo) and Beck (rewil42 on LJ and Yahoo) - are always happy to help with any questions you have and you can also feel free to contact one of them as well as the other players concerning plot ideas or just to chat.

Welcome! And enjoy yourself.

Tifsuz, DC, Beck and Devsgma

Lightning Moderators

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